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give the gift of YO!

Diamond rings? Boring. A new car? No thanks. Mouth-watering Japanese flavours? Now you're talking!

Just buy a YO! gift card, add funds, tie a bow round it if you'd like, and give it to your lucky friend. Or we can send it straight to them (although they won't get a bow if we do that).

I couldn't use my gift card because of COVID-19/lockdown, can you extend it?
We know that it wasn't always possible to redeem your gift card in the last few months, if your gift card was due to expire between April and October 2020, then we have extended it to be valid until the end of March 2021 so that you have more time to use it.

how long are cards valid for?
A year after you buy them, or a year from the date money was last added (whichever's later). If you or the person you give it to doesn't use it for a year or more then the card will expire. So don't miss out - find your nearest restaurant.

are there any terms and conditions?
Aren't there always? You can read them here.

got a Restaurant Choice gift card?
You can use your card at any of our restaurants except:

  • Birmingham Selfridges
  • Heathrow T2
  • Heathrow T3
  • London Selfridges
  • Manchester Trafford Selfridges
  • YO! Kitchen Dundrum
  • YO! To Go Manchester Piccadilly Station

And you can check your balance on the Restaurant Choice website.