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gender pay gap

Gender Pay Gap is a report required by law under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, where companies that comprise more than 250 members of staff are obliged to report the percentage difference on average hourly earnings for Men and Women.

For the snapshot date of April 2023, YO! has published the results of its gender pay report on both its own website and on the Government portal. The snapshot shows the following measures:

  • The mean and median gender pay gap
  • The mean and median bonus gap
  • The proportions of males and females who receive bonuses

YO! Sushi Gender Pay Gap Results:

YO! is a market-leading Japanese food business that has been enriched by the diversity of backgrounds, experiences and ethnicities that make up its team. 

Promoting equality and diversity at all levels, regardless of gender, race or ethnicity, is something that is a priority for us.

We are pleased to continue to be at parity between male and female colleagues on a media basis. However, we recognise that there is more to be done to close our mean gender pay gap.

At YO! we are consistently taking steps to foster a more equitable environment for colleagues. In the last year we have enhanced our maternity and parental leave pay and introduced a menopause awareness policy, menstruation awareness policy and infertility awareness policy. 

To help us continue to close the gap, this year we are proud to have funded a female-led leadership course called Face Forward. The course equipped our workforce with leadership and management skills so that we can continue to advance more women into senior leadership positions across our business.

We recognise that not everyone identifies with their legal gender status, and we continually work to ensure that we provide a safe and inclusive workplace for all of our colleagues, regardless of their gender identity.  

As a business, we remain committed to continuing to address disparities in pay and ensuring that we remain an employer of choice for our colleagues and within our industry.






Lower Middle40%60%
Upper Middle41%59%


% Paid Bonus7%5%

I can confirm the above is true and accurate. 

Richard Hodgson
Chief Executive Officer