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New Menu

Flavours of Japan

We’ve gone back to Japan to curate a new line up of authentic street food, crafted from the freshest ingredients on the high street.

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Katsu Sando

Already creating a buzz in our Manhattan restaurant, the Katsu Sando is no ordinary sandwich. Originally the staple snack of street vendors and food carts across Japan’s network of Bullet-trains, we’ve put our own fresh spin on it. Today, you’ll bite into a succulent chicken thigh which we’ve coated in panko crumb and fried to the perfect crisp, then covered in Tonkatsu sauce and nestled between soft white bread. Finished off with a spread of Japanese mustard.


Cod Nanbanzuke

This dish was created by one of our top Head Chefs as part of our ‘Fresh Tastes of Japan’ competition. Fresh pieces of cod, fried until crisp and dipped into our tangy “Nanban” sauce. This dish takes sweet and sour to another level!


Pork Teriyaki

A delicacy found within the hustle and bustle of the Izakaya – backstreet Japanses ‘pubs’. Our Pork Teriyaki uses perfectly tender slices of pork belly served in a sweet and salty teriyaki glaze. This rich dish is paired with a soft–boiled egg and best served with an ice cold bottle of Asahi.


Tokyo Banana Cake

You’re going to want to make room for our final showstopper! Fresh cream swirled into a delicate banana sponge topped with chocolate. You can see why this dessert is traditionally given as a homecoming gift in Japan.