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sugar tax

At YO! we take both taste & nutrition seriously.

The majority of our main dishes (82% in fact) have 6g of sugar or less per dish and half of those have just 3g of sugar or less. We’re pretty proud of that.

We do have a couple of main dishes with higher sugar content but these do not exceed the government recommended daily allowance (RDA) and we are working to reduce that, while not compromising on taste.

All our dishes are displayed with traffic lighted nutritional information on our website here to help our guests to make informed choices.

On 6th April 2018, the UK Government introduced a levy on full sugar soft drinks that are over 5mg sugar per 100ml.  We are pleased to say that this levy currently only impacts 2 drinks on our YO! menu: Coca-Cola Classic and Ramune Soda.

The money from the tax goes to the government and is part of their initiative to help tackle obesity. It is implemented throughout the UK in every local shop, pub, petrol station, supermarket and vending machine. YO! does not profit from this.

For more information on the sugar tax please click here.