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rewards terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions for the YO! Digital Loyalty Card             

The following terms and conditions apply to any YO! Digital Loyalty Card that you use. Your use of a YO! Digital Loyalty Card signifies your acceptance of these terms and conditions. 

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. If you have any questions about them, do feel free to ask us at

We may change these terms and conditions from time to time.

The YO! Digital Loyalty Card

The YO! Digital Loyalty Card enables its owner to earn rewards, in the form of cash discounts, that can be used to pay for YO! products at our restaurants.

It is available in digital format and is subject to these terms and conditions.

Owner of the YO! Digital Loyalty Card programme

The company responsible for the YO! Digital Loyalty Card is as follows:

Name:YO! Sushi UK Limited
Country of incorporation:England and Wales
Company number:02994470
Registered office:69 Wilson St, London EC2A 2BB

In these terms and conditions we refer to the above business as “we” and by related words such as “us” and “our”.

The YO! Digital Loyalty Card is managed by our loyalty card partner, Vita Mojo.

Replacement of hard-copy stamp card

The YO! Digital Loyalty Card programme was launched on 14th September 2023. It replaces our previous hard-copy stamp cards and points system.

If you had unredeemed active stamps on a hard-copy card, these will be transferred automatically to a YO! Digital Loyalty Card, subject to space limitations. (Note that “active stamps” are unredeemed stamps that are less than 12 months old. Older unused stamps will be lost.)

Creation of a YO! Digital Loyalty Card (and age restriction)

A YO! Digital Loyalty Card will be opened for you when you create an account at If you already have an account, a YO! Digital Loyalty Card will be created automatically for you when this programme is launched.

If you do not open (or have) an online account, you cannot gain a YO! Digital Loyalty Card.

You must be 16 or over to open an account and to use a YO! Digital Loyalty Card. Where products are age-restricted, any such restrictions apply to the use of rewards against them.

Gaining stamps and rewards on your YO! Digital Loyalty Card

You earn stamps based on your total spend (excluding tips and service charge) at applicable restaurants. You earn rewards based on the number of stamps you have.

Earning stamps

Stamps are earned based on dine-in or click-and-collect spend in a single transaction in applicable restaurants, as follows:

When you spend £10.00 to £49.99
One stamp
When you spend £50.00 or more
Two stamps


Earning rewards

Rewards are earned as follows:

Three stamps
£5.00 reward voucher
Six stamps
£10.00 reward voucher
Ten stamps
£20.00 reward voucher

Rewards are cumulative. Therefore, once you get to ten stamps, you will have gained £35.00 in reward vouchers.

Once you reach ten stamps, your card will revert to a zero stamp balance, but your unused rewards will remain in your account for their duration (see 'redeeming rewards section below).

Redeeming rewards

You can redeem rewards against dine-in or click-and-collect orders on products from applicable restaurants. Once a reward is earned, it can be used from the next time you purchase.

The bill must be at least the size of the reward you redeem: for example, if your bill is £18.00, you can redeem the £10.00 reward but not the £20.00 reward.

A reward cannot be redeemed in part: for example, if you use your £20.00 reward, you cannot choose to use £15.00 of it – you must use it in full. 

When you order food or drinks in a restaurant (either using our digital ordering facility or when you order directly with a member of staff), you will have an opportunity to use a reward from your YO! Digital Loyalty Card when you pay, by giving your membership number to the Team Member who is taking your payment.

Each reward lasts for twelve months from the date it is earned, and if it is unused in that period it will be lost. If you have not earned a stamp or redeemed a reward in a twelve-month period, we reserve the right to close your YO! Digital Loyalty Card.

Once you have used a reward, that reward is deleted.

Rewards under this scheme cannot be used in conjunction with any other reward or voucher.

Applicable outlets

You can use rewards on your YO! Digital Loyalty Card to pay in full or in part for items in any YO! Sushi restaurant in the United Kingdom, excluding our restaurant at London Luton Airport. A list of our current restaurants can be found at 

You cannot use your YO! Digital Loyalty Card elsewhere, for example at YO! kiosks in retail outlets or for YO! products sold in places other than restaurants.

Checking your balance/deleting your account

You can check your balance of stamps and rewards at any time on your YO! account.

Please note: if you delete your account on Vita Mojo, your rewards, stamps and YO! Digital Loyalty card will also be deleted.


If you are permitted by law to receive a refund, any stamps and rewards originally earned from the refunded order will be removed from your YO! Digital Loyalty Card.

No exchange for cash

Stamps and rewards cannot be exchanged for cash or its equivalent. They can only be used to purchase YO! products in applicable outlets.

Your personal data

When you purchase and use your YO! Digital Loyalty Card, we will collect, store and process personal data in relation to you. Our use of that data is described in our Privacy Policy.

Our partner Vita Mojo will also have access to certain personal data so that it can provide the digital card service.

We value your personal data. We would never give it to a third party so that the third party can market to you for its own purposes.

Our liability

We will not be liable to you for the non-availability or non-functioning of the YO! Digital Loyalty Card, except if we are negligent and the law prevents us from limiting our liability.

In general, however, we will try to resolve any issues that arise.

Changes to these terms and conditions

We may make updates to the YO! Digital Loyalty Card from time to time. We may also withdraw it with or without notice, with the proviso that we would, in those circumstances, provide you with a compensatory voucher for any unused rewards, based on the unexpired time for their use.

We may also change these terms and conditions from time to time. Any such changes will appear on this page and will be binding on you from the next time you use the YO! Digital Loyalty Card.

Governing law

These terms and conditions, together with our Privacy Policy, set out the full agreement between us in relation to the YO! Digital Loyalty Card.

These terms and conditions, and any issue related to them, are governed by the law of England and Wales, and by the jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts. However, if you are a consumer in Scotland or in Northern Ireland, you may be entitled to seek recourse in your local courts instead of the courts of England and Wales.