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our konbini menu is here

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say konnichiwa to our new konbini menu!

Our Konbini menu is inspired by the unique convenience stores of Japan. Famous for their fast and tasty food, there are over 55,000 of these 'konbini' stores.

Our menu perfectly captures what they're about, from deliciously savoury steamed buns and onigiris to a light and airy pastry. You'll love every bite.

Meet your new favourite dishes:

new buns

bun and only

Pizaman Pizza Bun: Pilowy steamed bun filled with rich tomato sauce and melty cheese. We'd tell you a joke about this, but it's too cheesy!

Chukaman Pork Bun: Pilowy steamed bun filled with sticky marinated char sui pork.  It's the pork that counts... or whatever the saying is!

konbini tuna onigiri

something to try-angle

Introducing Japans most popular onigiri flavour, the Konbini Tuna Onigiri!

Tuna chunks coated in mayonnaise with freshly cut spring onion, wrapped up in sticky rice and seasoned with our famous furikake mix.

The taste is out of this tuna-verse!

yuzu shu cream puff

don't pass this puff

A fan of all things sweet? You'll love the Yuzu Shu Cream Puff!

Light, airy choux pastry filled with a yuzu custard and white chocolate cream. Finished with a sweet caramel sauce and a dusting of kinako powder. 

This is the puff creams are made of!

kimchi tuna onigiri

selfridges exclusive!

Kimchi Tuna Onigiri: Spicy kimchi coated tuna chunks with freshly cut spring onion wrapped up in a sticky rice seasoned with masago and coconut sprinkle.

Try not to lick your screen!