Top 5 Ghibli Movies to Watch this Summer

With the release of “When Marnie Was There” in the cinema, we’ve counted down our top 5 Studio Ghibli Movies.

TOP 5:

5.  Castle in the Sky / Laputa  (1986)

Pazu, an engineer’s apprentice finds a young girl, Sheeta floating down from the sky wearing a glowing pendant. Together they discover both are searching for the legendary floating castle Laputa and vow to unravel the mystery of the luminous crystal around her neck. Full of air pirates, secret agents and flying contraptions, Castle in the Sky is full of plenty of action.

4.  Princess Mononoke / Mononoke Hime (1997)

While protecting his village from a rampaging boar-god, the young warrior Ashitaka becomes afflicted with a deadly curse. To find the cure that will save his life, he journeys deep into sacred depths of the Great Forest Spirit’s realm where he meets San (Princess Mononoke), a girl raised by wolves.

3.  My Neighbour Totoro / Tonari No Totoro (1988) 

A Studio Ghibli classic. The friendly monster Totoro is seen as an icon for the Ghibli brand. This is a film not to be missed. A cute, heartfelt story perfect for adults and children alike about two children and their monster friend Totoro. The theme song is so catchy, its a fan favourite to sing at the many karaoke bars in Tokyo.

2.  Spirited Away / Sen to Chihiro (2001)

Spirited Away catapulted Studio Ghibli to win an Academy Award and received critical praise from all over the world. Chihiro discovers a secret world of strange spirits, creatures and sorcery. Many amazing spirits can be seen in this film, including No Face (Kaonashi) who is strangely cute and a little bit scary at the same time.

1.  Howls Moving Castle / Hauru no Ugoku Shiro  (2004)

Howls Moving Castle is about an average teenage girl, Sophie a hat shop worker, who is swept off her feet by a handsome but mysterious wizard named Howl. After this meeting she is turned into a 90 year old woman by a vain and conniving witch and takes refuge in Howl’s magical moving castle.

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