Hyper Japan Review, Food, Fashion, Music and more!

HYPER JAPAN is the UK’s biggest convention of Japanese culture and anime held in London, England. We had our YO! stall on the second floor and enjoyed listening to some of the bands on the main stage below. Charisma.com stopped by the stall to say hello.


The pop punk kawaii band Broken Doll also made an appearance at our stall and tucked into some delicious sushi.


Sachi from Broken Doll had such a kawaii Care Bear as a ribbon. She told us that she loved Salmon Sushi.


Fashion was a big part of Hyper Japan. HYPER J-Style Collection 2016 showcased a colourful world of modern Japanese street fashion during their two shows over the weekend. Yucha from Less than Love gave tips on Japanese fashion on stage before performing a mini gig.



Broken Doll also performed on stage.


Followed by Charisma.com, who had the crowd bouncing to their cool electronic rap beats.


We also met some amazing Dragon Ball cosplayers and enjoyed some Domobics on the main stage, led by Domo-kun and Becki Cruel


If you’d like to try Domobics, you can do so at home using this video.

We had such a great time at HYPER JAPAN.

Already looking forward to the next one coming up in November. See you there!





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