BAND-MAID Exclusive MCM Comic Con Interview

are a five girl strong rock band who use an authentic maid aesthetic to front their music. BAND-MAID’s two music videos “Thrill” and “REAL EXISTENCE” went viral, propelling them into the limelight and gaining recognition from western media such as Team Rock, Metal injection and Guitar World.

They were formed in 2013, with the concept of the band based on the founder Miku’s experiences from working in one of Akihabara’s maid cafes, an area of Tokyo which is famous for it’s geek Otaku culture.

At MCM London Comic Con, we caught up with the girls and asked them a bit more about their music.

We asked the girls how they felt about playing MCM Comic Con London. Miku told us that she was excited about playing London as it aligns with BAND-MAID’s goal of world conquest. Their gig in London brought them one step closer to this goal and a very happy BAND-MAID. Previously they played Sakura Con in America but this is their first time playing in Europe.

Miku worked in a Maid Cafe for 3 years, in which she learned about Otaku culture and the aesthetics. We asked BAND-MAID  why they chose to perform in maid uniform. Saiki explained that they want people to experience a contrast between their cool rock sound and cute maid uniform. An interesting concept, two opposite styles, coming together to make the BAND-MAID identity.


BAND-MAID explained that they are not an idol band and not just a gimmick . They are striving to create their own genre through their music and style to break through idol band stereotypes in Japan. They skilfully play their own music, project their own style and engaged the audience at MCM London comic con with their presence and humour.

The band are inspired by many different Japanese and Western musicians such as Deep Purple, Santana, Smashing Pumpkins and Maximum the Hormone. Miku in particular commented that she is inspired by the Japanese Enka genre.

Miku often says PO PO when she speaks. We asked her why this is. Her name means small dove, of which makes the sound PO in Japanese, because of this she likes to use PO and it has become a trademark on and off stage.

Check out our exclusive interview and footage from their Fringe stage gig at MCM London Comic Con below.



You can find out more info on BAND-MAID below.
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