August 3, 2016

Amatsuki Exclusive MCM Comic Con interview for YO!

Amatsuki is a Japanese singer who first gained recognition and fame through the popular Japanese video channel NicoNicoDouga covering his favourite songs in his own style. He released his 1st album; Melodic Note in 2012 and his first major album titled Hello World! in 2014 under King Records. This album featured several original songs and band rearranges of Vocaloid songs.


We caught up with Amatsuki at MCM London Comic Con. This was his first time playing in London. We were told that his favourite food is Sushi, of which he ate just before coming to London, almost missing his plane because of it.

Amatsuki has been greatly influenced by Anime and Computer Games. From a young age he watched anime and listened to VOCALOID music with his friends. VOCALOID began from the simple concept of synthesising the human vocals for singing which spawned many virtual idols in Japan.

We asked him about why he thinks people like to cosplay in Japan and why it is popular around the world. He thinks that the cosplayers like to feel that they are a character in the anime or game and that is why they dress up as them.

Although Amatsuki sings in Japanese, he wants his fans to be able to understand the intent of his feelings in his songs. He wants to continue to make music that reaches out to not just a Japanese but also an International audience.

His favourite computer game is Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, he would love to play Sora in a future edition of the game. Recently there are many anime series being remade abroad using western actors, for example Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell. Amatsuki thinks that this is a wonderful thing, that a foreign people are interested in acting in a Japanese anime.


Amatsuki seemed like a shy, calm young man in his interview, but on stage he became a vibrant, energetic singer, who charmed the audience with his presence.

Check out our exclusive interview and scenes from his gig at MCM Comic Con below.



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